The London Marathon 2014

May 13, 2014 in Recent Highlights by RDTC

The Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps took up their usual position at mile 23 of the Marathon, in front of The Tower of London, to encourage the runners and entertain spectators for the day. With the weather on our side and some new pieces lined up, the day was thoroughly enjoyed all round.

The day started off with the usual hurdle of setting up the marquee – it seems to be an unwritten rule that 1 piece goes missing each year and the poles change lengths. A few hits and misses later, we got there although the weather was on our side this year and gave us some much welcomed shade. The band kicked off in time to play for the elite runners passing through and continued for the rest of the day giving a much needed boost for many of the runners. An in between pieces we carried on the good spirits by cheering on the names of any of the runners who looked like they needed some help.

We spotted a marching band taking part in the marathon this year (with instruments) which has given us an idea for some point in the future…..